Adrián Lewandowski

Adrián Lewandowski

Postdoctoral Researcher
A. Lewandowski pic

Dr. Lewandowski obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Humboldt University of Berlin in 2019, and his B.S. in La Plata National University (Argentina). During his Ph.D. in the group of Prof. Freund in the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society he studied the atomic structure of metal-supported oxide films by means of STM and LEED. In particular, he synthesized and characterized ultra-thin germanium dioxide films.

He became a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Friend lab at Harvard University in 2021 studying the transient kinetics of bimetallic alloys.

Contact Information

Friend Research Group
Harvard University
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
12 Oxford Street, M018
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-3331