Christian Reece

Christian Reece

Postdoctoral Researcher
Christian Reece

Christian Reece obtained his PhD in Chemistry at Cardiff University, Wales. He was a member of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) led by Prof. Graham Hutchings and worked with Dr. David Willock in the computational chemistry group. His doctoral work was focused on using kinetic analysis to better understand and design heterogenous catalysts by using a number of experimental and theoretical techniques. He was involved in developing a new methodology for deconvoluting and analyzing temperature programmed reduction (TPR) thermograms, used a combination of classical and ab-initio dynamic simulations to attempt to model real catalytic systems, and studied gas phase kinetics using a temporal analysis of products (TAP) reactor.

In the Friend Group, he is using the TAP reactor to study the kinetics of oxidation reactions on real catalysts.

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