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[47] Fast optical transport of ultracold molecules over long distances
Yicheng Bao, Scarlett S. Yu, Loïc Anderegg, Sean Burchesky, Derick Gonzalez-Acevedo, Eunmi Chae, Wolfgang Ketterle, Kang-Kuen Ni, John M. Doyle

[46] Enriching the quantum toolbox of ultracold molecules with Rydberg atoms
Kenneth Wang, Conner P. Williams, Lewis R. B. Picard, Norman Y. Yao, and Kang-Kuen Ni
arXiv:2204.05293 (2022)


[45] Quantum science with optical tweezer arrays of ultracold atoms and molecules
Adam Kaufman and Kang-Kuen Ni
Nature Physics 17, 1324–1333 (2021) 

[44] Model for nuclear spin product-state distributions of ultracold chemical reactions in magnetic fields
Goulven Quéméner, Ming-Guang Hu, Yu Liu, Matthew A. Nichols, Lingbang Zhu, and Kang-Kuen Ni
Phys. Rev. A 201, 052817 (2021) arXiv:2111.01453 (2021)

[43] An Optical tweezer array of ground-state polar molecules
Jessie T. Zhang, Lewis R. B. Picard, William B. Cairncross, Kenneth Wang, Yichao Yu, Fang Fang, Kang-Kuen Ni
Quantum Sci. Technol. 7, 035006 (2022)  arXiv:2112.00991 (2021)

[42] Bimolecular chemistry in the ultracold regime 
Yu Liu and Kang-Kuen Ni 
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 73, 73-96 (2022) arXiv:2107.01088 (2021)

[41] Detection of long-lived complexes in ultracold atom-molecule collisions
Matthew A. Nichols, Yi-Xiang Liu, Lingbang Zhu, Ming-Guang Hu, Yu Liu, and Kang-Kuen Ni
Phys. Rev. X 12, 011029 (2022) arXiv:2105.14960 (2021)

[40] Rotational Coherence Times of Polar Molecules in Optical Tweezers 
Sean Burchesky, Loïc Anderegg, Yicheng Bao, Scarlett S Yu, Eunmi Chae, Wolfgang Ketterle, Kang-Kuen Ni, John M Doyle
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 123202 (2021) arXiv:2105.15199 (2021)

[39] Observation of microwave shielding of ultracold molecules 
Loïc Anderegg, Sean Burchesky, Yicheng Bao, Scarlett S Yu, Tijs Karman, Eunmi Chae, Kang-Kuen Ni, Wolfgang Ketterle, John M Doyle
Science 373, 779 (2021) arXiv:2102.04365 (2021)

[38] Assembly of a rovibrational ground state molecule in an optical tweezer
William B. Cairncross*, Jessie T. Zhang*, Lewis R. B. Picard, Yichao Yu, Kenneth Wang, Kang-Kuen Ni
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 123402 (2021) arXiv:2101.03168 (2021)
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[37] Precision test of statistical dynamics with state-to-state ultracold chemistry
Yu Liu*, Ming-Guang Hu*, Matthew A. Nichols, D. Yang, D. Xie, H. Guo, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Nature 593, 379-384 (2021) arXiv:2012.15842 (2020)
Featured in Harvard Gazette, Chemistry World, and Physics World

[36] Coherent optical creation of a single molecule
Yichao Yu*, Kenneth Wang*, Jonathan D. Hood, Lewis R. B. Picard, Jessie T. Zhang, William B. Cairncross, Jeremy M. Hutson, Rosario Gonzalez-Ferez, Till. Rosenband, Kang-Kuen Ni
Phys. Rev. X 11, 031061 (2021) arXiv:2012.09043 (2020)

[35] Reduction of laser intensity noise over 1 MHz band for single atom trapping 
Yu Wang, Kenneth Wang, Elliot Fenton, Yen-Wei Lin, Kang-Kuen Ni, and Jonathan D. Hood 
Optics Express 28, 31209-31215(2020)  arXiv:2008.03504(2020)

[34] Nuclear spin conservation enables state-to-state control of ultracold molecular reactions
Ming-Guang Hu*, Yu Liu*, Matthew A. Nichols, Lingbang Zhu, Goulven Quemener, Olivier Dulieu, and Kang-Kuen Ni 
Nature Chemistry 13, 435-440 (2021) arXiv:2005.10820 (2020)

[33] Forming a single molecule by magnetoassociation in an optical tweezer
Jessie T. Zhang, Yichao Yu, William B. Cairncross, Kenneth Wang, Lewis R. B. Picard, Jonathan D. Hood, Yen-wei Lin, Jeremy M. Hutson, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 253401 (2020) arXiv:2003.07850(2020) 
PRL Editor's suggestion, featured in APS Physics and Physics World

[32] Photo-excitation of long-lived transient intermediates in ultracold reactions
Yu Liu*, Ming-Guang Hu*, Matthew A. Nichols, David D. Grimes, Tijs Karman, Hua Guo, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Nature Physics 16, 1132–1136 (2020)  arXiv:2002.05140 (2020) 
Featured in Scientific American

[31] Observation of Collisions between Two Ultracold Ground-State CaF Molecules
Lawrence W. Cheuk, Loïc Anderegg, Yicheng Bao, Sean Burchesky, Scarlett Yu, Wolfgang Ketterle, Kang-Kuen Ni, John M. Doyle 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 043401 (2020)  arXiv:2002.00048 (2020) 


[30] Probing Ultracold Chemistry using Ion Spectrometry
Yu Liu*, David D. Grimes*, Ming-Guang Hu*, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 22, 4861-4874 (2020) arXiv.1912.12741(2019) 

[29] Quantum Simulators: Architectures and Opportunities

[28] Direct Observation of Bimolecular Reactions of Ultracold KRb Molecules
Ming-Guang Hu*, Yu Liu*, David D. Grimes, Yen-Wei Lin, Andrei H. Gheorghe, Romain Vexiau, Nadia Bouloufa-Maafa, Olivier Dulieu, Till Rosenband, and Kang-Kuen Ni 
Science 366, 1111 (2019) arXiv.1907.13628 (2019)
Featured in Physics Today, Harvard Gazette

[27] Multichannel interactions of two atoms in an optical tweezer 
Jonathan D. Hood, Yichao Yu, Yen-Wei Lin, Jessie T. Zhang, Kenneth Wang, Lee R. Liu, Bo Gao, and Kang-Kuen Ni. 
Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023108 (2020)  arXiv.1907.11226 (2019) 

[26] The Quest for Quantum Degeneracy
Kang-Kuen Ni 
Nature Physics 15, 523-528 (2019)

[25] Molecular Assembly of Ground State Cooled Single Atoms 
Lee R. Liu*, Jonathan D. Hood*, Yichao Yu*, Jessie T. Zhang, Kenneth Wang, Yen-Wei Lin, Till Rosenband, and Kang-Kuen Ni 
Phys. Rev. X 9, 021039 (2019) arXiv:1902.03935
Featured in APS Physics

[24] An Optical Tweezer Array of Ultracold Molecules 
Loic Anderegg, Lawrence W. Cheuk, Yicheng Bao, Sean Burchesky, Wolfgang Ketterle, Kang-Kuen Ni, and John M. Doyle 
Science 365, 1156 (2019) arXiv:1902.00497


[23] Dipolar exchange quantum logic gate with polar molecules 
Kang-Kuen Ni, Till Rosenband, David D. Grimes 
Chemical Science 9, 6830 - 6838 (2018), DOI: 10.1039/C8SC02355G 

[22] Elliptical polarization for molecular Stark shift compensation in deep optical traps
Till Rosenband, David D. Grimes, Kang-Kuen Ni  Optics Express 26, 19821-19825 (2018)

[21] Building one molecule from a reservoir of two atoms
Lee R. Liu, Jonathan D. Hood, Yichao Yu, Jessie T. Zhang, Nicholas R. Hutzler, Till Rosenband, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Science 360, 900 (2018);  arxiv:1804.04752
Science cover story and perspective. Featured in Physics World, CosmosHarvard Gazette

[20] Motional Ground State Cooling Outside the Lamb-Dickes Regime 
Yichao Yu, Nicholas R. Hutzler, Jessie T. Zhang, Lee R. Liu, Jonathan D. Hood, Till Rosenband, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Phys. Rev. A 97, 063423 (2018)


[19] Ultracold Molecular Assembly 
Lee R. Liu, Jessie T. Zhang, Yichao Yu, Nicholas R. Hutzler, Yu Liu, Till Rosenband, Kang-Kuen Ni   

[***] Deborah S. Jin: Trailblazer of Ultracold Science 
In memory of our greatest mentor and friend 

[18] A low-temperature external cavity diode laser for broad wavelength tuning
William G. Tobias, Jason S. Rosenberg, Nicholas R. Hutzler, Kang-Kuen Ni 
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 113104 (2016)arXiv:1607.01347(2016)

[17] Eliminating light shifts for single atom trapping 
Nicholas R. Hutzler, Lee R. Liu, Yichao Yu, Kang-Kuen Ni 
New J. of Phys.19, 023007 (2017)arXiv:1605.09422 (2016)

Prior Research

[16] State-specific detection of trapped HfF+ by photodissociation  
K.-K. Ni, H. Loh, M. C. Grau, K. C. Cossel, J. Ye, E. A. Cornell
J. Mol. Spec. 300, 12, 2014

[15] Precision Spectroscopy of Polarized Molecules in an Ion Trap 
>H. Loh, K. C. Cossel, M. C. Grau, K.-K. Ni, E. R. Meyer, J. L. Bohn, J. Ye, E. A. Cornell
Science 342, 1220, 2013

[14] Enhancement of Mechanical Q Factors by Optical Trapping
K.-K. Ni, R. Norte, D. J. Wilson, J. D. Hood, D. E. Chang, O. Painter, and H. J. Kimble
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 214302, 2012.

[13] Ultrahigh-Q mechanical oscillators through optical trapping. 
D. E. Chang, K.-K. Ni, O. Painter, and H. J. Kimble
New Journal of Physics, 14, 045002, 2012.

[12] Suppression of extraneous thermal noise in cavity optomechanics 
Y. Zhao, D. J. Wilson, K.-K. Ni, and H. J. Kimble 
Optics Express, 20, 3586, 2012.

[11] Direct absorption imaging of ultracold polar molecules 
D. Wang, B. Neyenhuis, M. H. G. de Miranda, K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, D. S. Jin, J. Ye 
Phys. Rev. A, 81, 061404, 2010.

[10] Dipolar collisions of polar molecules in the quantum regime 
K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, D. Wang, G. Quemener, B. Neyenhuis, M. H. G. de Miranda, J. L. Bohn, J. Ye, D. S. Jin 
Nature, 464, 1324, 2010.

[9] Quantum-State Controlled Chemical Reactions of Ultracold Potassium-Rubidium Molecules 
S. Ospelkaus, K.-K. Ni, D. Wang, M. H. G. de Miranda, B. Neyenhuis, G. Quemener, P. S. Julienne, J. L. Bohn, D. S. Jin, J. Ye 
Science, 327, 853, 2010.

[8] Controlling the Hyperfine State of Rovibronic Ground-State Polar Molecules 
S. Ospelkaus, K.-K. Ni, G. Quéméner, B. Neyenhuis, D. Wang, M. H. G. de Miranda, J. L. Bohn, J. Ye, D. S. Jin
 Phys. Rev. Lett., 104, 030402, 2010.

[7] Ultracold polar molecules near quantum degeneracy 
S. Ospelkaus, K.-K. Ni, M. H. G. de Miranda, B. Neyenhuis, D. Wang, S. Kotochigova, P. S. Julienne, D. S. Jin, J. Ye. Faraday 
Discussions, 142, 351, 2009.

[6] A dipolar gas of ultracold molecules 
K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, D. J. Nesbitt, J. Ye, and D. S. Jin 
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 11, 9626, 2009.

[5] A High Phase-Space-Density Gas of Polar Molecules 
K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, M. H. G. de Miranda, A. Pe'er, B. Neyenhuis, J. J. Zirbel, S. Kotochigova,  P. S. Julienne, D. S. Jin, J. Ye 
Science, 322, 231, 2008.

[4] Efficient state transfer in an ultracold dense gas of heteronuclear molecules 
S. Ospelkaus, A. Pe'er, K. -K. Ni, J. J. Zirbel, B. Neyenhuis, S. Kotochigova, P. S. Julienne, J. Ye, and D. S. Jin 
Nat. Phys., 4, 622, 2008.

[3] Heteronuclear molecules in an optical dipole trap 
J. J. Zirbel, K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, T. L. Nicholson, M. L. Olsen, P. S. Julienne, C. E. Wieman, J. Ye, and D. S. Jin 
Physical Review A, 78, 013416, 2008.

[2] Collisional Stability of Fermionic Feshbach Molecules 
J. J. Zirbel, K.-K. Ni, S. Ospelkaus, J. P. D'Incao, C. E. Wieman, J. Ye, and D. S. Jin 
Phys. Rev. Lett., 100, 143201, 2008.

[1] Submicron giant magnetoresistive sensors for biological applications 
D.K. Wood, K.K. Ni, D.R. Schmidt, and A.N. Cleland 
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 120, 1, 2005.