Ultracold Molecular Assembler

The Team: Lee Liu, Yichao Yu, Jessie Zhang, Dr. Nick Hutzler, Dr. Jon Hood

Single molecule detections and manipulations have been powerful approaches to study systems without ensemble averaging.  We take this inspiration to study chemistry and physics at the ultracold regime where low entropy gas could be prepared and interactions between particles could be individually tuned. To assemble ultracold molecular system from single atoms and single molecules, our approach relies heavily on high fidelity internal and external quantum-state controls of atoms and molecules. We are actively working toward assembling a configurable molecular array atom-by-atom. Stay tuned...

Check out our new paper on "Ultracold molecular assembly" on the arXiv!

Check out our new paper on "Eliminating light shifts in single-atom optical traps"


A single sodium atom and a single cesium atom side-by-side. :) :)


We are getting the single atom motion under control...

Raman motional sideband cooling of a Cs atom in an optical tweezer...reaching 3D ground-state population of ~85%.

3D Raman spectra