Graph’s Topology and Free Energy of a Spin Model on the Graph


Choi, J.-M., Gilson, A.I. & Shakhnovich, E.I. Graph’s Topology and Free Energy of a Spin Model on the Graph. Physical Review Letters 118, 8, 088302 (2017).


In this Letter we investigate a direct relationship between a graph’s topology and the free energy of a spin system on the graph. We develop a method of separating topological and energetic contributions to the free energy, and find that considering the topology is sufficient to qualitatively compare the free energies of different graph systems at high temperature, even when the energetics are not fully known. This method was applied to the metal lattice system with defects, and we found that it partially explains why point defects are more stable than high-dimensional defects. Given the energetics, we can even quantitatively compare free energies of different graph structures via a closed form of linear graph contributions. The closed form is applied to predict the sequence-space free energy of lattice proteins, which is a key factor determining the designability of a protein structure.

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Last updated on 06/15/2017